One Thing Leads To Another

The Effects of World War Two


-Was interned by an attack.
-Forced to move
-No one hid from the government.
-Camps had basic necessities, was given a small cabin.
-Treated as humans, given enough food.
-Japanese given enough food and water to eat and drink.
-Japanese weren't forced to work or labor.
-Government did not murder Japanese.
- Some people adapted to Manzanar, and eventually believed that the small camp was their "home."
-They received an apology for the incident.


-Was imprisoned because Hitler thought that they caused the problems in Germany.
-Treated brutally, like animals.
-Were killed violently
- Were threatened, or forced to work
- They tried to hide from the Gestapo
-Food was scarce, and they barely had any
-Many died from starvation, the gas chambers, the cold, or exhaustion.
- Millions ended up dead, and sadly, were not buried properly.
-They were being experimented on, against their will

Similarities between Japanese and Jews internment.

-Both were imprisoned.
-Both were stripped of their rights
-Many people treated both as enemies
-Both were discriminated against
-Both the Japanese and Jews were blamed for things that they did not do
-Both were imprisoned because of the war.
-Both were not allowed to leave their small camp