One Thing Leads To Another

About Us

We are group four from Mrs.Braun's fifth period class, (which is her favorite class). Our group consists of five people: Randy, William, Jason, Justin, and Sarina. All five of us are Mesa Robles Middle School Eighth Graders.


Hello. My name is Randy. I am an eighth grader attending Mesa Robles Middle School. I love racing R/C cars, riding dirt bikes, and spending time with friends and families. My jobs in this website was to help answer the questions and help with the bibliography.


Hello! My name is William. I am an eighth grader at Mesa Robles Middle School. My hobbies include reading, playing games, and archery.In this website, I edited the group member's work ,and I also contributed in answering the questions. 


Hello! My name is Jason, and I'm 13 years old. In my spare time, I enjoy reading or lounging around lazily. My favorite foods are delicious cheeseburgers, or korean barbeque.I contributed to the questions, the Hiroshima aftermath page, and the design of the site.


My name is Justin. I am a thirteen-year-old boy. My favorite food is Captain Crunch cereal. I like to read and try new things. My job was to customize the Home page and to edit our work.


Hello! My name is Sarina. I am an eighth grader at Mesa Robles. My hobbies are singing and reading books. I am also one of the editors of this website. My job included editing other people's work and organizing the websites.